Censhare announces new partnership with ICP

By Ines Gregorio - 

Censhare announces new partnership with ICP to offer ‘best practices’ consultancy for DAM clients

Censhare, intelligent business communications system provider, are pleased to announce its partnership with ICP, a leading consultancy and managed services operator for content development in Digital Asset Management.

Through the partnership, censhare will work closely with ICP to offer its intelligent DAM system in tandem with ICP’s managed services as consultants, trainers and external support resource.

ICP specialises in helping clients to get best practices in DAM solutions, developing efficient processes and guiding users to understand how to work efficiently with their systems. ICP work with users to get a full usage of their platform, to achieve the best user adoption and ultimately ROI.

"The partnership with ICP will allow greater access for many different types of clients to an advanced communications suite like ours," says Phil Arnold MD of censhare UK. "ICP have the expertise to help clients optimise their digital assets more effectively to bring about greater productivity and cost reduction in digital asset management. We certainly look forward in working together to exploit the market for censhare’s DAM capability supported by ICP’s expert user guidance."

Ines Gregorio, Business Development Manager for ICP states, "The partnership with censhare provides a unique win-win for our potential clients. censhare is an integrated platform that provides DAM plus a whole lot more and it will offer a greater range of possibilities where we can introduce our services."

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censhare is the integrated software solution that enables companies to manage their communication, integrate any type of information, optimize all measurements and engage their customers via digital and analog touchpoints. censhare connects people with contents and processes in an innovative manner, enabling intelligent business communication. Worldwide, leading companies and brands rely on censhare, such as Deutsche Bank, Dyson, GoPro, Hearst, Kohl’s, McCann, Rewe, Swiss Re and Vitra.

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About ICP
We are technology agnostic in digital asset management. So, while we don’t sell software, we will work with your organisation's existing platforms. Our clients appreciate this approach because we can maximise their existing investments. Importantly, for clients and partners, our marketing technology services span two areas: Consultancy and Managed Services. The relationships we’ve built are long standing. Diageo and Estée Lauder have been with us for 27 years. Calvin Klein and Avon for 18 years. Alcatel-Lucent and Carlsberg for 10 and counting.