DAM Customer Service

By Ruth Peters


However, finding the right technology will only get you so far; the most important part of the challenge is ensuring high levels of user adoption and this can be hard when the new solution does not live up to the standards set by consumer focused companies such as Google. These challenges are well documented and lamented, as you will see in the following article. Similar to the article, we see that most DAM software vendors focus heavily on the technology, the majority do a great job at this as it is their core expertise.

However, frequently they find it difficult to keep up with the service demands of a digital savvy group of users, as they don’t speak the language of marketers and don’t have the resources to meet their unique support concerns. It is also true that the expectations laid out in the pre-sales process and the reality of the solution do not always match and this can lead to frustrated users from the onset, which is not the best start.

In such scenarios how can you get users back on side, or more wisely how to avoid this scenario in the first place? At ICP we have dealt with both of these challenges by working in partnership with the vendor and the client. We are the conduit between them and act as the voice of the user, making sure requirements are correctly interpreted to meet the users' expectations, but also to get the best out of the solution. We also provide services in the important and often underestimated areas of change management and ongoing user support; we do this successfully as we speak the language of marketers and work tirelessly to ensure high levels of user adoption throughout the DAM life-cycle.

So although we agree that DAM vendors find it challenging to provide the high levels of customer focus and support needed, we also believe it’s a team effort that needs the ongoing commitment of users, vendor and user adoption experts.