ICP renews its ISO 9001 certification

Cadran Services Limited trading as ICP - Acceditation_Marque_ISO_9001

By Martin Handyside

After gaining official certification to the ISO 9001 quality system in September 2016, we have spent a year honing our quality processes even more thoroughly, and have just passed our annual review with the external auditor.

You can now have even more confidence in ICP’s ability to deliver everything you need and stay on top of all your project activities, whether on the Creative Production, or the Marketing Technology Services side of our business.

What is ISO 9001?

ISO stands for the International Standards Organization, creators of hundreds of thousands of product and service standards. It’s been implemented by more than one million organisations in some 175 countries. ISO 9001 helps organisations to implement quality management.

It’s for all businesses, large or small, to help them become more structured and organised and puts customers at the heart of the business.

What ISO 9001 means for our clients

ISO 9001 certified organisations have been shown to perform better in a study by the Harvard Business School. Furthermore, research by four business school academics showed that firms that failed to seek certification experienced substantial deteriorations in ROI, productivity and sales.

Research carried out by Dun & Bradstreet showed increased employee involvement, cost reduction and increased market share having gained implemented the standard. Data from the British Assessment Bureau’s Client Satisfaction Survey showed that 44% attributed winning new business directly to ISO 9001.

ISO 9001 in a nutshell

Say what you do…

◆ Policy    ◆ Objectives    ◆ Procedures    ◆ Quality Manual

Do what you say…

◆ Follow procedures   ◆ Know what to do, how to do and when to do

Prove it…

◆ Internal Audits    ◆ Opportunities for Improvement

Improve it...

◆ Get feedback from customers and suppliers    ◆ Seek continuous improvement   ◆ Communicate