WEBINAR: 5 Surprising Ways To Supercharge Your DAM



ICP is excited to host another webinar with Henry Stewart Events!

This webinar is about the things that make the difference between DAM success and DAM failure but are not to do with technology or functionality. Effort is usually focused on the choice of vendor, evaluating the features and functionalities that are specific to your business sector. Experience tells us there are more valuable (and often neglected) practices which can set you on the right path.

This webinar will also cover five things which will give yourselves the best chance of long-term success:

  1. Success Criteria & Measurement
  2. Know your people, capabilities & capacities
  3. Understanding your assets and data
  4. Change management is a constant
  5. Reporting, Insight & Continuous improvement


Join our speakers:

Tom Sloan, Marketing Technology Director

David Stocks, Associate Consultant


Date: Wednesday 11th December 2019

Time: 9AM PST | 12PM EST | 5PM GMT | 6PM CET


Register here.