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Job Opportunity

Brand Steward

Type: Full Time  Department: Managed Services 


ICP is recognized as a global leader in Digital Asset Management that optimizes Creative Operations by placing DAM at the heart of global brand marketing ecosystems. ICP currently manages the production and distribution of a broad range of services for brands such as Unilever, Diageo, Coca-Cola, Mars, Capital One, Coty Prestige, L’Oréal, and Aetna among others. 

Using authentic subject matter expertise and extensive experience, ICP elevates and enhances our clients' technology and business processes to create an optimized marketing ecosystem that delivers exceptional business results.  We are experts in creative operations and production, delivering the best possible experiences for our clients' consumers and partners.        

Key Responsibilities

This role will focus on Digital Asset Management services as an integral function in day-to-day asset management operations. You will manage, enrich and quality assure assets across brands/products, develop and host user training sessions, share industry best practices, and add value at every level of client engagement as needed. You will also manage user queries, create reports, and develop engaging relationships with key account individuals to promote system adoption across markets.

- Ensure ICP operates on a solid foundation by building strong client relationships and supporting their objectives
- Build a good understanding of clients’ business issues, industry, competitors, and brands
- Build rapport and trust with others at all levels within ICP
- Operate on industry best practice and deliver value and excellence at every stage
- Maintain a solid understanding of martech, digital advertising, DAM, PIM, etc
- Work with team members to generate new ideas and evolve and enhance existing programs
- Work with team members to problem solve and consult with account leadership as required
- Develop a solid understanding of client campaign and production needs

- Execution of strategies and best practices ‘icp’ recommends to clients
- Lead & conduct metadata review, cleansing, enrichment, and validation
- Identify and resolve errors in metadata
- Lead team meetings, identifying and addressing possible queries raised or escalating when appropriate
- Lead and ensure execution of established account process across team
- Foster a culture of expertise and operational excellence
- Main point of contact for support and engagement clients and stakeholders
- Working closely with stakeholders to maximize new platform adoption and asset re-use
- Hosting single or group training sessions with stakeholders and users, as requested by client
- Work with clients to gather questions/insights and define resulting actions
- Generating and providing reports to program team and stakeholders
- Gap analysis support for clients

Key Experience & Skills

• Authenticity – Being present, honest and sincere goes a long way.
• Compassion – Doing the right thing means driving connection within our community and caring for one another.
• Focus on Service – Roll up those sleeves and tackle every problem with a can-do attitude. Remember, help will always be offered to those at ICP!
• Providing the Right Resources – Always find a way, you are incredibly capable.
• Earn Trust – We value consistency, reliability, accountability and constantly striving to be inclusive and diverse.
• Take Ownership – It’s important to approach your work with a sense of urgency and responsibility, we recognize that we must meet obligations and focus on positive outcomes.
• Partnership – Collaboration, respecting one another and aligning on your roles and responsibilities are a must.
• Creative Thinking – Last but not least, the willingness to learn and enjoyment of the problem-solving process are vital for our mission.

• 2-4 years of industry experience in media, creative production, marketing, information science
• 2-4 years of experience using a digital asset management system or other tech systems such as a digital library, CMS, PIM, or CRM
• Rigorous attention to detail when performing process-oriented tasks
• Excellent verbal and written communication

Strong Microsoft Office skills, particularly with large data sets in Excel

Good understanding of media channels and file formats used by the client

The ability to multi-task with an interest in all aspects of the role

Able to work both independently and as a part of a world class team