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Type: Full Time  Department: Strategy & Implementation 


ICP is a global consulting & services company, headquartered in London, helping brands to achieve better marketing outcomes. We believe these outcomes are in the hands of people, not just technology.

We work with brands on strategy & planning to enable marketing and creative processes, establish systems and resources to unite data, produce effective content, implement solutions, and optimise performance.

This elusive orchestration, when done right, turns our client’s data and content into assets and in turn, their assets into competitive advantage.

About the Consulting Practice

Who are we?
We are MarTech and Creative Operations maestros who partner with our clients to transform their strategy aims into execution. We explore ideas, enable change that matters, and deliver at scale.

Our mission is to enable our client partners to achieve key business outcomes through the optimised use and adoption of marketing technology, processes and talented people. Our practice can provide both the strategic articulation & the practical hands-on solutions to enable, lead & achieve all manner of client partner needs from smaller, discrete or niche projects through to enterprise-wide programmes and implementations.

Our team is comprised of experienced subject matter experts & practitioners across multiple industry segments, technologies, and areas of the martech ecosystem. Brought together by genuine curiosity and enthusiasm in technology and the way that people engage with it, we pride ourselves (quietly!) in knowing that we help make things happen, together.

Our capabilities include Governance & operations infrastructure design, ways of working, roles and responsibilities, workflow design & process mapping, change management & enablement, communications planning, project management, business analysis, UI & UX research, digital maturity assessment, digital migration strategy, etc. we combine global expertise and local insights to help our client partners turn their marketing ambitions into reality.

ICP’s marketing technology services are founded on the principles of true partnership with clients (prioritising long-term value vs. short term return), a consistent vendor agnostic positioning (ICP do not own, sell or have any commercial relationships with software providers) and working with teams & clients to develop solutions which will ‘work’ and deliver for both the strategists & the operational teams throughout the organisation.

The range of ICP’s services means that we ‘stick around’ to ensure that we deliver on the promise which our strategies imply and help support and implement successful and measurable change.

Key Responsibilities

The Consultant is a senior strategic and operational advisor for both ICP clients as well as internal teams.

They will support and lead components of client engagements which may include a number of ICP, third party or even client resources, leveraging their knowledge and best practice on how technology, people and process comes together. This means involvement on a day-to-day basis with the practical hands-on delivery of real-world stories, solutions, problem solving etc. within enterprise environments. They are experienced practitioners in creative operations, digital & marketing technology, either from a client / marketing perspective, or a technology services supplier perspective, or both!

The Consultant must be confident in their ability to challenge assumptions and clearly articulate whatever the situation requires. They must feel comfortable in adopting this approach, leading conversations, proposals and deliverable readouts with C-Suite client stakeholders, ICP Board, partners and other ICP managers, colleagues and staff. The Senior Consultant should own & drive client projects and engagements, leveraging key project or programme management skills and governance best practices to ensure effective project delivery & business outcomes for our clients.

Direct experience and/or certification in the administration of Sitecore Content Hub DAM/MRM/PIM) is required.

Experience working with/implementing one or more of the following applications is considered a ‘nice to have’: Content Management System (CMS) or Analytics tools.

Key Experience & Skills

• Quickly understand client business issues, industries and competitors and leverage experience and that of the wider ICP team to help both clients articulate their needs and ICP propose solutions.

• Primary point of contact for client stakeholders, building relationships, managing expectations and project timelines to ensure engagements run smoothly.

• Deliver on billable consultancy projects for ICP’s global clients & accounts. This may include facilitating workshops & stakeholder interviews or leading a team of ICP colleagues on particular engagements.

• Accountable for the creation, or contributing to consulting outputs such as proposals, roadmaps, requirements, process maps or related project documentation, whether the deliverables are created by team members or yourself.

• Use data modelling practices to analyse your findings and create suggestions for strategic and operational improvements and changes

• Identify the processes and information technology optimisations required to introduce your recommendations

• Articulate the benefits of your recommendations across departments and help to address any uncertainty and concern

• Ensure plans are made and processes are created to evaluate the impact of the changes made, including taking responsibility for overseeing and reporting on this evaluation.


• Leader – Build excellent working relationships with colleagues and stakeholders alike, helping others to learn, grow and develop in their roles.
• Partner - engage in strategic conversations at the appropriate level with clients and become a recognised as a trusted advisor.
• Organised – Prioritise your workload, ensure that client deliverables and milestones are met or preferably exceeded. Be able to work across multiple projects or engagements simultaneously.
• Collaborative – Supporting colleagues across your own projects and others through continuous knowledge share and constructive peer review of the practice’s deliverables across division or region.
• Innovation - understand and get to the heart of a problem by challenging assumptions and digging deeper. Coming up with innovative options and driving innovative thinking.
• Consultative - understand the approach of building a successful client partnership and listen and question effectively to identify real client needs. Build solutions around the client. Your operating style should be one of help not sell.
• Curious - you recognise what’s going on in the world at large and specifically within the marketing landscape. Equally you understand how this can influence your client’s business, business objectives and strategy.