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Senior Client Partner

Type: Full Time  Department: Client Partner 


ICP is recognized as specialist global leader in consulting, creative technology operations, content production and creative distribution management for the world’s biggest and most respected brands including, Unilever, Diageo, Coca-Cola, Mars, GSK, BI, Tiffany, Carlsberg, Coty, Estée Lauder, and L’Oréal.

ICP is a global consulting, production & managed services company, headquartered in London, helping brands to achieve better marketing outcomes. We believe these outcomes are in the hands of people, not just technology.

Using authentic subject matter expertise and extensive experience, ICP elevates and enhances our clients' technology and business processes to create an optimized marketing ecosystem that delivers exceptional business results.  We are experts in creative operations and production, delivering the best possible experiences for our clients' consumers and partners.        

About the Client Partner Practice
ICP partners with clients, working both with and in their businesses; providing specialist expertise, advising, leading, and collaborating to deliver concrete business outcomes. ICP strategy enables its clients desire to transform and optimize their content, supply chain, increase speed, reuse, consistency, storage, and efficiency.
ICP is a transformation company. At the forefront of digital technology and creative operations, you will own this area and help clients transform their performance by specifying, buying, and implementing digital and marketing technologies.
By joining us you will be an integral part of our experienced team with the expertise, credibility, and industry insight our clients depend on.

About this role
Our long-standing relationship with this client began in 2013, helping to select, establish and support their Digital Asset Management Solution.

Today, ICP provides a range of DAM/Managed Services support from content management to user support; Consulting Services ranging from business analysis, and development support on current DAM platforms to Metaverse enablement, change management and business process consultancy.

ICP works in close partnership with Unilever and their partners, all as one team. ICP’s knowledge, experience and servicing of Unilever extends across many ICP offices including London, Rotterdam, Shanghai, Mumbai, and Atlanta. As such, we have a global reach and are on a journey to right shore resources for Unilever to best meet client requirements and drive efficiencies.

Key Responsibilities

Acting as a strategic consultant, business operations and growth lead the Senior Client Partner is confident in their ability to challenge assumptions and clearly articulate whatever the situation requires. The role demands immersion across all areas of the account, and awareness and ownership of ongoing issues, challenges, and opportunities. The individual must feel comfortable in adopting this approach with all stakeholders, including client, client stakeholders, ICP leadership, and wider team and staff.

The Senior Client Partner has a firm understanding of contractual relationships, including client stakeholders, third party client technology, and related service providers, enabling the Senior Client Partner to recommend solutions that reflect critical thinking and industry thought leadership that ICP encompasses.

The Senior Client Partner oversees on/off-site team members, to ensure operations and core functions are delivered to satisfaction, while synthesizing team activities to provide insights and strategic recommendations to their client counterpart. They work closely
They are empowered to speak on client’s behalf to challenge assumptions and client stakeholders prior to escalating to the client business lead. As a result, the Senior Client Partner builds rapport and trust amongst colleagues, peers, and clients.

The Senior Client Partner is responsible for defining the initial scope of the business needs, ensuring all issues are addressed while managing expectations and limitations. This role is to oversee workstream alignment within the client engagement initiatives and amongst the team(s). This could include workstreams such as discoveries, rollout strategies, operations, change management, and relationship management.

At ICP, a Senior Client Partner also is an industry expert in the digital-marketing technology and creative operations field, from a marketing perspective and/ or a technology services supplier perspective. The role is central to driving, embedding and adoption of the DAM, but more importantly to place the Unilever DAM at the centre of its digital ecosystem of the future.

Despite ICP’s long standing relationship with Unilever, there is still much opportunity for growth and now there is appetite to influence other connections (such as product management, eCommerce, recipe management, point of sale material, media channels) and in doing so increase the value DAM provides.

Key responsibilities:
The Senior Client Partner is responsible for the overall relationship with Unilever; the value ICP brings, the depth and breadth of services and the commercial success and growth of the business. In addition, the SCP sets the foundation for thought leadership and value, whether with current, past, or future ICP account clients.

Core pillars for Senior Client Partners:

Business Development & Planning:

• Top priority: identify and nurture commercial opportunities within existing ICP accounts.
• Second priority: contribute to new business opportunities for ICP.
• These priorities may shift as ICP grows, but out of the gate, this specific role will focus on our existing roster of clients.
• Support MDs with delivery of revenue and annual forecasts for assigned accounts.

Account Leadership:
• Ensure ICP operates on a solid foundation by building strong client relationships.
• Possess a superior understanding of clients’ business issues, industry, competitors, and brands. Use these insights to help clients to articulate their needs, and ICP to propose new solutions.
• Manager contractual client relationships, fee negotiations, and monitor client contract compliance.
• Partner with all ICP/relevant client teams to create new ways to impact business results.
• Add insights during development of work and provide direction on how to ‘expand’ the brief/idea and solution for further development.
• Be motivated by the bigger picture and identify client opportunities that add value to their business.
• Possess a superior understanding for ICP core business and promote with key client stakeholders at the relevant time.
• Confident partner and confident ICP ambassador with client designated software provider, with continual focus on understanding of the Marketing Technology software landscape.

Team Leadership:
• Develop important new methodologies and work practices that can improve team’s performance and profitability.
• Inspire, motivate, and lead a talented account team that raises the bar on quality and marketing technology service at all appropriate levels.
• Grow an agile team that can identify and deliver new business
Commercial Focus - have strong financial and commercial acumen together with an ability to negotiate optimal “win-win” in terms of business.
• Continually evaluate and provide feedback to direct reports. Draft appropriate action/development plans and development KPIs for the individual work-stream manager/leads.
• Provide inspiring team training and development and thoughtful input on career roadmaps.
• Inspire team members to generate new ideas and evolve existing engagements and SOWs.
• Allocate resources creatively, balancing client needs with ICP business needs.
• Resolve conflict easily and quickly, reducing organization and interpersonal issues.
• Encourage work-stream managers/team leads to consult and problem solve independently.
• Respectfully influence in both external and internal meetings, steering conversations and holding your own in a multitude of challenging situations.
• Lead, motivate, collaborate with and add value to ICP and its culture.

Key Experience & Skills

• Authenticity – Being present, honest, and sincere goes a long way.
• Compassion – Doing the right thing means driving connection within our community and caring for one another.
• Focus on Service – Roll up those sleeves and tackle every problem with a can-do attitude. Remember, help will always be offered to those at ICP!
• Providing the Right Resources – Always find a way, you are incredibly capable.
• Earn Trust – We value consistency, reliability, accountability and constantly striving to be inclusive and diverse.
• Take Ownership – It’s important to approach your work with a sense of urgency and responsibility, we recognize that we must meet obligations and focus on positive outcomes.
• Partnership – Collaboration, respecting one another and aligning on your roles and responsibilities are a must.
• Creative Thinking – Last but not least, the willingness to learn and enjoyment of the problem-solving process are vital for our mission.
• ‘Can-Do’ attitude – you have an entrepreneurial spirit and will be prepared to take calculated risks to anticipate and act on opportunities that lead to significant gains for ICP and your clients.
• Consultative - understand the approach of building a successful client partnership and listen and question effectively to identify real client needs. Build solutions around the client. Your operating style should be one of help does not sell.
• Curious - you recognise what is going on in the world at large and specifically within the marketing landscape. Equally you understand how this can influence your client’s business, business objectives and strategy.
• Accessible – you are available to all areas of ICP and work well with your wider team, to drive efficiency and profitability for ICP, your clients and prospective clients.