VO Casting, Recording & User Management

We have the experience to handle large-scale re-versioning projects. Working with a diverse roster of voiceover artists, a partner network of international sound studios & agents, we match talent to brands globally with rights management.

Sound Mix & Editing

We partner with top studios to record, mix and deliver international mixes to a global market. We manage the whole audio production process for you whether you need creative sound design or foreign language dubbing & reversioning.

Dolby Mix & Licence

If you need a cinema mix, our partner studios are fully Dolby Certified for mixing cinema commercials & trailers in 5.1 or 7.1.  We will also handle the cinema clearance and delivery for you.

Music Search & Licence

We provide music services ranging from sourcing off-the-shelf library music, to clearing internationally recognized tracks for global campaigns, to organizing bespoke music compositions.