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ICP hires Specsavers’ In-House Creative Lead Graham Daldry

23 June 2021

Global consulting and managed services firm ICP has hired Graham Daldry as an associate consultant to augment its recently launched global creative operations practice. Daldry joins Practice Lead James Sanderson who also recently joined the business.

Daldry brings senior creative leadership to ICP and will help clients develop and launch highly creative in-house operations as well as develop and lead creative crowdsourcing opportunities for clients.

ICP works with half of the world’s top advertisers to help clients get better outcomes in the way they orchestrate their marketing, including creative operations, managed services and delivery technology.

“In-house and onsite agencies are now prolific but too many are not fulfilling their creative potential. Graham will help us unleash new ambitions, new talent and new ways of working for clients’ in-house or even onsite operations. It’s a big jump for an artworking studio to fully fledged creative agency, but operationally we will help clients achieve it and Graham will bring that elusive creative know-how”, said Sanderson.

Daldry, who is also helping ICP develop a creative crowdsourcing solution (to be known as OurHouse), where clients solve creative challenges by assembling teams outside of the traditional agency model added: “Crowdsourcing is in growing demand as advertisers look to different groups and communities for creative ideas, solutions and inspiration. In previous lives some of the best creative talent I brought together was from outside of adland. Working with ICP and its operations know-how will let us take refreshing, world class crowdsourced creative solutions to existing and new ‘A-list’ clients using the OurHouse proposition ”.

Daldry, who joined Specsavers twenty years ago, created the UK’s most creative in-house agency, landing the ‘should’ve gone to Specsavers’ line into public consciousness. He left the advertiser in 2020 to explore new ways of working.

OurHouse: New ways to deliver great creative


ICP is an independent global consulting and services company employing c250 people in Europe, Americas and Asia. Founded in London in 1988, ICP was the first company to provide brand owners with decoupled production and now works with half of Ad Age’s top 10 global advertisers in marketing operations, creative operations, production and asset management.