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From DAM to Content Operations: Our Takeaways from Henry Stewart NY 2023

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ICP subject matter experts regularly write and publish white papers which summarise our thinking across trends, issues and pain points that affect marketing and creative operations.

Latest Webinars

ICP subject matter experts are often invited to deliver webinars that take a deep dive into important areas within Creative Operation or the use of technology in marketing, especially Digital Asset Management. 


ICP Content Conversations: Automation Unleashed

Lisa Grimm and Ian Matzen explore how to wield automation using AI and other solutions not just to accelerate content operations but to transform them, enabling your organization to save time, cut costs, and focus talent on strategic initiatives. Watch as they discuss best use cases, how to balance automation and AI for greater efficiency and how ongoing evaluations and enhancements are essential to getting the results you want.


ICP Content Conversations: Integrations are easy... Right?

Experts Lisa Grimm and Tom Sloan unravel the complexities of integrations within content management. This session demystifies the technical hurdles, focusing instead on the crucial business alignments needed for a seamless integration process. From exploring the basics to tackling industry-specific challenges, Lisa and Tom offer practical insights into preparing for successful integrations and avoiding common pitfalls. Discover how to achieve a frictionless content flow across your ecosystem, making the most of your Content Operations, DAM, and PIM systems. 


ICP Content Conversations: Getting Real with Modular Content

Lisa Grimm, ICP's DAM & Life Sciences expert and Bernie Madden, formerly of Merck discuss what it takes to make the switch to modular content, what it looks like in practice and how to find the "why" your organization can rally behind. Whether you are looking to increase speed to market, assure compliance or improve the customer experience with more personalized content, that alignment across teams is key - and the technology solutions are only a small piece of the puzzle.

Featured Videos

You'll find an eclectic range of ICP films and videos here covering a wide range of themes across marketing and creative operations as well as what it's like to work at ICP. Enjoy!


Creative Ops Podcast: Creative Ops Crystal Ball Gazing with Jeremy Wintroub

In this episode of the Creative Ops Podcast, Jeremy Wintroub and Nish Patel go on a journey to explore what and where the future of creative operations might be headed, analyzing emerging trends and opportunities on the horizon for creative ops professionals. How will rapidly advancing technologies like AI impact the field?


How to get all the stakeholders aligned on modular content?

If you're a leader whose teams create and approve content for life sciences, financial services, FMCGs, or any other fast-moving industry, chances are you've been told you need to "make modular content happen". But aligning your organization's stakeholders on the 'why' can be challenging. Take a look at this snippet from our recent webinar with Lisa Grimm and Bernard Madden, where they reveal strategies for securing stakeholder buy-in on modular content.


How do you know modular content is working?

How do you know modular content is working? Watch Lisa Grimm and Bernard Madden explore some different success measurements in this excerpt from our ICP Content Conversations webinar.

Achieve a Frictionless Flow Of Content

Helping global companies achieve a frictionless flow of content.