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Illuminate Optimize Enhance Benchmark your martech delivery capabilities

As a pivotal first steps toward strategic enhancement, CP's Technology Maturity Assessment & Health Check will illuminate the current state of your martech delivery capabilities, providing a roadmap to optimize processes and technology investments.


At ICP, we understand that success hinges on the synergy of people, process, data, and technology. Our approach involves a high-level analysis of your current-state martech delivery capabilities, providing a strategic roadmap to enhance operational efficiency. We meticulously evaluate each core component, whether it's a single platform or the entire ecosystem, to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

By assessing the maturity of your content operations against specific target outcomes, or industry benchmarks, we empower your business to streamline process, optimize resource allocation, and maximize technology investments. Our team of consultants brings a wealth of experience, ensuring that our recommendations align with your goals.


Maturity Assessment 
Readiness Assessment

Assess your digital asset management maturity level

Take ICP’s free, interactive DAM Maturity Assessment and receive an in-depth report, rating your maturity across people, process and technology. Along with your rating, you'll receive customized ideas and approaches to make a step change and derive higher levels of value from your DAM ecosystem.

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Understand Enhance Unravel Transform Navigate your content landscape

Through meticulous discovery and documentation, we delve into the heart of your existing content, unraveling its status, location, and nuances. This comprehensive understanding forms the bedrock for defining the current state, enabling us to craft targeted recommendations for technology, process, or governance enhancements.

Whether integral to migration strategy definition or a standalone initiative targeting content and data standardisation and hygiene, our Content Audit service is the linchpin for improving data quality, ensuring consistency, enhancing overall content management experiences for internal users and elevate brand experiences for consumers.

At ICP, our seasoned experts bring a discerning eye to this process, transforming complex or disparate content storage approaches into streamlined, purpose-driven orchestration. 


Content Audits
Migration Strategy


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