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We know that digital influence has a significant impact on both online and offline sales globally, in fact, according to a report by McKinsey, an estimated 80% of sales are digitally influenced. Are you optimizing your digital shelf for omnichannel sales?

The digital shelf, which is the online environment a product appears in, plays a crucial role in influencing sales. It’s the online counterpart to a shelf in a physical store. A robust digital shelf strategy can lead to optimized product content, improved search placement, increased product page traffic, and higher conversion and sales.
Moreover, search results pages function as a “digital shelf” where today’s shoppers learn about, compare, and select products for purchase. A prominent place on the digital shelf can help brands reach a vast, interested audience and can mean big opportunities for growth in both sales and overall brand awareness.

icp's digital shelf solutions

A top-performing digital shelf strategy is not simply about having a presence on digital platforms. It involves a coordinated effort across multiple teams, a variety of content types, efficient workflows, well-defined processes and the right technology systems.

With ICP's content operations expertise, our digital shelf solutions simplify the complexity of orchestrating the multiple product content types required across various teams and technology systems.

Success on the digital shelf requires ongoing optimization and management to ensure it continues to meet the needs of consumers and achieve business objectives.
__Align (Content Alignment)​-​ ​


We understand that the creation, management, and storage of product information (PIM) resides with a different team and different software than the creation, management and storage of digital assets (DAM). Yet, both are required to sell your product or service. ICP can help bridge your processes and workflows across multiple stakeholders and software tools. 

__Activate (Content Activation)

SOLUTION: activate

Digital Shelf Content Activation is critical to getting your product content distributed to your channel partners on the digital shelf, where end consumers can engage, research, and purchase your products. ICP can help you understand what workflows, processes, and automation to put in place to make this process as efficient as possible and increase your speed to market.

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