Navigate the tech landscape with our expert support in requirements gathering, vendor selection, and implementation, ensuring technology solutions that are seamlessly integrated and tailored to your unique business needs.


requirements GATHERING

Defining your requirements and use cases with an experienced partner like ICP is essential for technology implementation.


We know from decades of experience that before embarking on a project, it's crucial to conduct a thorough analysis of current business processes to understand existing workflows and identify pain points.

ICP engages the right stakeholders in discussions and workshops to help uncover specific user needs, while a well-defined scope document sets clear project boundaries and expectations.

By prioritizing requirements based on business impact and feasibility, ICP's approach ensures a focused roadmap, maximizing the value of technology implementation and ensuring the most important business needs are delivered effectively.


Use Case Development
Requirements Gathering Framework
Requirements Capture

vendor selection support

ICP brings more possibilities and an unbiased view to the vendor selection process. We believe this agnostic yet informed navigation of the vendor technology landscape is paramount in making the right decisions.

When supporting global brands with vendor selection, ICP prioritizes core use cases to ensure that the chosen technology aligns with the business's critical needs. 

We facilitate and execute vendor technology demonstrations as a crucial step, providing firsthand insights into the software's capabilities.

This collaborative and comprehensive approach enables objective decision-making, ensuring that our clients invest in technology solutions that are not only effective but also capable of being tailored to their unique operational needs.


Vendor Landscape Overview
Vendor Shortlist Development
RFP Authoring Support
Evaluation Approach
Vendor Demo Prep & Facilitation

implementation support

ICP's content technology and operational experts work alongside business and technology teams, as well as vendors or integrators, to ensure the seamless configuration and implementation of technology.


Our SMEs bring a wealth of knowledge and best practices to the table, drawing from proven and successful approaches across varied industries like CPG, Life Sciences, Media & Entertainment, and more.

By leveraging the insights and experience of ICP, businesses can bridge the gap between technological intricacies and operational requirements, resulting in a more tailored and effective technology implementation that serves both the business objectives and end-users' needs.


Migration Strategy Design & Execution
Logical Architecture Design
Application Configuration
UAT & OAT Management
Delivery Technology Implementation Support
Automation/Scripting Implementation

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