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DAM Driven Production

Brands create more content, more quickly than ever before. Current models cannot keep pace with demand without unacceptable budget increases. We propose a solution.


The Critical Role of the Creative Brief in Producing Great Ideas

We’ve distilled the principles into a very readable and inspirational guide on the why and the how. It’s not just about the mechanics of the process and the template that’s used to collect the data. It’s more about appreciating exactly how the brand and the creative combine to give birth to a successful campaign.


So What is Decoupling?

The decoupling debate first hit the headlines some years ago as a response to an increasing scrutiny of processes and services by procurement professionals within global brands. This scrutiny was heavily if not entirely focused on their incumbent agency partners who until this time had enjoyed the benefits (and the margins!) related to providing services such as media and production buying.


Have you decoupled yet?

Now of course the debate to decouple or not is not a new one. The idea has been around for a while, hitting the headlines some years ago as a response to an increasing scrutiny of processes and services by procurement professionals within global brands. You may be thinking about it or you may have already done it. Either way it must fulfil the decoupling promise and deliver tangible benefits to you and your brand.


Digital Transformation for Marketers: Turning strategy into a “People First” plan

Digital Transformation has the power to transform business success. As a marketer the conversation often pivots to an individual consumer level, how we could realise DT’s full potential and not lag behind competitors.


From Hype to Hope: ChatBots & Virtual Assistants for Improved DAM Engagement

It’s the year of the ChatBot…again and to date, they’ve been key for brand owners to engage with their customer base as an always-on service option. This whitepaper focuses on how in a DAM B2B environment, such automation techniques can elevate your first-line support to develop high levels of engagement.


Auto-tagging technology: can it replace humans?

The labour required to maintain high-quality digital asset metadata across all channels and tech solutions — from traditional document management to the more modern digital asset management solutions and marketing technology platforms — can often seem sisyphean: such that it can never be completed.


The E-Book on E-Commerce Content

Shopping has changed a lot since the rise of the web. Although the vast majority of purchases remain offline and in-store, digitising “the shelf” will soon be an important source of competitive advantage.


Rights Management: The Five Elements of An Effective Strategy

We all want our rights management processes to be as slick and user-friendly as possible, but not at the expense of ensuring that we’re operating in a fully compliant and well-governed manner. To be truly effective with our rights management, we need to make sure that two core principles balance properly.