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Technology, What’s It Ever Done For Me?

+-*Drifting back to what seems a previous life, when I was starting on that yellow brick road to project management, I was working for an international company in the (sshhh) tobacco industry. I recall that back then (1975), letters had to be handwritten, proof-read and authorised by your line manager, submitted to the typing pool, […]

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A Creative Journey with Indra Sinha

+-*I know I’m not going to do justice to this man, so I apologise up front for my lack of narrating skills. Particularly, as I am writing about one of the most talented copywriter’s I have ever worked with. The web native I’m referring to is Indra Sinha, who I know from my days as […]

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Why Brand Relationships are Important

+-*Brand teams have different needs and different values, and will communicate in different ways. A brand I’m working closely with at the moment has very different challenges to other brands that I deal with, and talking to the brand team has been crucial to understanding what makes them tick. This holistic approach, considering them as […]

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