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Integrating PIM and DAM for a unified and accurate digital shelf presence.

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aligning product information and visual assets

We know that the creation, management, and storage of product information (PIM) resides with a different team and different software than the creation, management and storage of digital assets (DAM). Yet, both are required to sell your product or service. 

ICP's Align solution can help bridge your processes and workflows across multiple stakeholders and software tools. Identifying the data sets that connect a product to its digital assets is the first step. The second step is creating workflows internally to create a complete and accurate product record that includes both the product information and digital assets.


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Content Strategy
Content Management 
Technology Support
Governance & Change Management

creating a complete and accurate product record

Where do internal stakeholders find a complete and accurate product record for each product and service you sell? What is your designated source of truth?

For most organizations, content may be located in different systems depending on the stakeholder and what they are trying to accomplish. However, the digital shelf requires that both product specifications and the corresponding current digital assets created for that product or service are aligned at all times.

ICP helps our clients establish processes and workflows to ensure stakeholders know where this combined information is located, and trust that it is complete and accurate. We see this as an essential and foundational step before creating and syndicating retailer-specific, data-driven, and optimized content to the digital shelf.



Simplifying the orchestration of multiple product content types required on the digital shelf across various teams and technology systems
Create a complete and accurate product record
and identify the location of this central source of truth.
Cross-functional governance and team workflows
to ensure the accuracy of all data and content components to the product level across multiple systems.
__Process Redesign
Transparent processes across teams

for when product specifications, marketing copy, and visual digital assets are changed.

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