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Accelerating digital engagement: advanced activation strategies for optimizing content on the Digital Shelf



Digital shelf content activation is critical to get your product content distributed to your channel partners on the digital shelf where consumers can engage, research, and purchase your products.

This process can be very manual and relies on the technology requirements of each digital shelf. ICP can help you understand what workflows, processes, and automation to put in place to make this process as efficient as possible and increase your speed to market.


Strategic Planning
Health Checks & Assessments
Content Strategy
Content Management
Technology Support
Governance & Change Management

retailer-specific required content

Each of your channel partners has specific requirements in order to get your product information, visual assets, and marketing copy up on their digital shelf.

These requirements are constantly changing. ICP can support your team with creating the workflows, processes and automation needed to ensure your product content meets these requirements. We can also offer ongoing support by managing your PXM and syndication tools for you.


activate solution outcomes

Simplifying the orchestration of multiple product content types required on the digital shelf across various teams and technology systems
Retailer-specific content housed in one system
providing your teams one single source of truth for every product across every digital shelf
Workflows set up in parallel across teams
from item set up with commercial & sales, to item creation processes with your content team
__Speed to Market-1
Increase efficiency and speed to market

using PXM or syndicators and automation of content workflow wherever available.

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