We Live In Exciting Times

By John Stuart I read a statistic in the weekend's press, which I thought was fascinating and thought-provoking. I know, I know. There are lies, damn lies and statistics, but it intrigued me enough to look into it and it seems to have credibility. It stated...
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Part 1: Understand The Problem You Are Trying To Fix

By Ben Norton This first post in our series about our experience working in large, marketing focused software deployments looks at the importance of remembering how important the end-users are. A wise person of indiscriminate origin (maybe we made this one...
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Here comes Valentine’s day… again!

By Inges Gregorio Single vs V’s Day As a single lady, it is torture planning things to do on V’s day, or even during the V’s day weekend. Friends are busy, exs are busy, exs-exs are busy and the search for someone to keep you company, with the right “skills”,...
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