Rooted in design and production, our specialists excel across all production channels and campaign management. Our mission is clear: to deliver scalable, high-quality creative content and production approaches infused with a human touch. 



Our production strategy and content optimization services offer a holistic approach to content creation and management. Addressing the ever-growing demand for content marketing, ICP's Content Studio unites technology, global reach, and skilled artisans, consistently exceeding expectations without compromising quality or price.

From crafting efficient, future-focused, and reuse-minded production strategies to handling casting and translations/transcreation, we ensure your content resonates across global audiences and is ready for service.

Our full-service approach includes pre-production advice and post-production consultancy, regulatory clearance, seamless traffic, and distribution management, along with efficient talent and rights management.

Additionally, we specialize in optimizing both visual and written content, ensuring they are tailored for maximum impact and audience engagement.



Our Digital Design Services cover range of channels and outputs from static visuals to animated HTML5 and rich media displays.

We specialize in programmatic, responsive banners and engaging social media content, including cultural reactive design. Additionally, we optimize digital shelf & eCommerce experiences and craft impactful HTML Email designs with persuasive copy. With expertise in versioning and adaptation, we can adapt your master artwork to any digital need.


We offer comprehensive Packaging and Print Design services from design ideation to precise art-working, repro, retouching, and color correction. 

We seamlessly navigate the diverse landscape of print from Packaging, Print & Press, Out of Home, POS, collateral materials, and direct mail through to optimizing imagery and pack shots for digital shelf, our expertise spans the spectrum.

Our Web-to-Print proficiency streamlines the printing process, while our focus on versioning and adaptation ensures brand consistency across platforms.

Our 30+ years of experience working on behalf of the world's finest brand mean we have an exquisite eye for detail and respect for your brand standards.



From Broadcast & VOD, Online to Cinema, VR, and AR experiences, we specialize in diverse video production needs.

Our expertise extends to seamless editing, impactful VFX, CGI, and animation, including creating lifelike 3D product models and complex product & pack changes.

Moreover, we provide precise subtitling, professional voiceover casting & recording and mixing services. With a keen eye for detail, we handle music searches & licensing through to broadcast clearance, ensuring an immersive audio-visual experience.

Additionally, our focus on versioning and adaptation enables us to tailor content across platforms for maximum impact.

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