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James Sanderson joins ICP to lead Creative Operations practice

6 April 2021

LONDON - Global consulting and managed services firm ICP has hired James Sanderson to lead a Creative Operations practice, providing services to enable brand owners and their partners to get the most from their creative operations. Sanderson, who joins from WPP’s Wunderman Thompson, will lead the roll-out of a range of consulting solutions that include advising clients on delivery technology, in-house agencies, creative development, production services and optimizing delivery through new models and processes. Sanderson will report to ICP’s newly appointed Global CEO, Christopher Grakal.

The move is a response to the growing demand from major brand owners for deeper and independent expertise in optimizing creative operations. Sanderson, who was COO of onsite agency specialists Oliver prior to founding Wunderman Thompson Inside said: “How work is delivered is now increasingly just as important as the work itself. Fuelling the ‘customer experience’ trend has created an operational complexity that often needs a rethink.

“ICP draws from real-world expertise to help clients find better solutions and ways of working from ideation and creation to delivery and optimization. We’re as happy helping clients write better briefs or crowdsourcing creative talent as we are designing a new global delivery ecosystem. Not being pre-disposed to any solution or way of working sets us apart in an industry dominated by a small number of players with inflexible legacy models.”

Grakal added “Thirty years ago ICP became the first company to offer decoupled production in response to changing client needs and those disruptive genes continue to define us. ‘Better, faster, cheaper’ has been much hyped over recent years but it’s often linked to a set way of thinking and working that is slow to change. James and ICP’s Creative Operations practice has the breadth of modern independent expertise to advise on and deliver what’s right, not what’s on offer”.



ICP is an independent global consulting and services company employing c200 people in Europe, Americas and Asia. Founded in London in 1988, ICP was the first company to provide brand owners with decoupled production and now works with half of Ad Age’s top 10 global advertisers in marketing operations, creative operations, production and asset management.