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Your marketing operations in perfect harmony

With decades of expertise as practitioners, our solutions and services are carefully crafted for each situation to drive value across creative, marketing, commerce and technology functions

Our services deliver better marketing outcomes

Marketing Harmony-01
  • Time to market
  • Omnichannel consistency
  • Asset performance
  • Content reuse
  • Process and tool adoption

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  • Sales uplift
  • Margin improvement
  • Channel activation
  • Average order value
  • Attribution

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  • Asset delivery
  • Advertising effectiveness
  • Production efficiency
  • Creativity
  • Productivity

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Systems & Tools
  • Data integrity
  • System performance
  • Cost of ownership
  • Agility
  • Interoperability

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Approach & Capabilities 

The race to digitize operations in a world of constant change leaves little room for error. Outcomes are in the hands of people, not technology. 

With outcomes defined, we work with brands on strategy and planning to enable the processes, systems and resources required to produce content, implement solutions and optimize performance.

This elusive orchestration, when done right, turns content into assets, and your assets into competitive advantage.

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Services & Solutions


The impact of content and data orchestration

Life is never dull in marketing with business leaders demanding “I want it all, I want it now!", placing a new found emphasis on content and data orchestration. Success resides in the ability to harmonize people, process and technology, providing solutions and data-rich insights which deliver on immediate and long-term business needs. 

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If you're looking for:  'Better, faster, cheaper' outcomes, asset management, adoption, change management, governance, content performance

Marketing Harmony-01

Commerce Enablement-01


Bring together content and commerce

'One to one' personal interaction between a brand and their consumers is now a reality only constrained by our creativity and ability to manage the underlying changes in people, process, and technology.

With the paradox of choice from an endless digital shelf, the unification of content and commerce helps us tell better stories that drive deeper engagement across all channels.

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If you're looking for:  Digital shelf, content & commerce unification, SKU rationalization, global to local


Better, faster, cheaper is the creative imperative

To deliver exceptional creative, brand owners and their partners must navigate and optimize a sequence of insight, ideation, creation, production and delivery.

Creative operations provides the foundation to orchestrate the production and flow of assets and data across agencies, internal teams and technologies to deliver outcomes in advertising effectiveness, speed to market and efficiency.

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If you're looking for:  Creative production, adaptation & localization, in-house studios, operating models, ad performance

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Marketing & Content Delivery Tech-01


Distribution and data yield insight

Efficient distribution of content and assets across multiple channels is just the beginning, with two-way data and content orchestration providing a newly discovered treasure-trove of actionable insights. 

Whether dealing with assets (DAM), web content (CMS), product information (PIM), workflows (MRM) or data aggregation & visualization, modern platforms provide open integration architectures, cloud-enabled scalability and flexible data models.  ICP provides the people to deliver the Return On Investment from the technology.

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If you're looking for:  Technology & integration strategy, asset management, managed services, systems implementation & adoption, change management, training, support

Explore marketing harmony

Whether you're a marketing operations leader, representing the C-suite or driving innovation from an IT or procurement role, ICP delivers customer-centric outcomes that enable your team to deliver results

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