A great creative brief is deceptive in its simplicity. It pinpoints a compelling reason for a brand to be part of the consumer’s life. It acts as a springboard for great ideas that can suck the air from the room. But, as importantly, it navigates the complexity of delivering great executions in today’s world of multi-channel consumer consumption and experiences. ICP can help you dig out the nuggets to help you deliver great briefs for the new age of marketing communications. As a result, the brief will become your trusted GPS in a world where tectonic plates in working practices and creative expectations seem to be shifting all the time.

The ebook about the brief

The ebook about the brief

We’ve distilled the principles into a very readable and inspirational guide on the why and the how.

It’s not just about the mechanics of the process and the template that’s used to collect the data. It’s more about appreciating exactly how the brand and the creative combine to give birth to a successful campaign.

The workshop about the brief

The workshop about the brief

Designed to get you thinking, our workshop will trigger a step-change in creative activity. Working with long-time expert on the Creative Brief, John Almond, the workshops are designed for everyone involved in the process within client & agency teams to benefit today’s, and tomorrow’s, senior team.


The video about the brief

We had some fun creating this short video to get our message across. Hope you like it, and please share with any ‘doubters’ …

Play by clicking in the video, or click through using the button to ICP’s YouTube channel for this and other videos.

The webinar about the brief

The webinar about the brief

This is where it started, back in January 2019, with Yvonne Powles (Head of Production), John Almond (Strategy Consultant) and Mike Everett (Creative Consultant). It struck a chord with many in the world of Creative Operations.