Metadata is just as important as your content. Users can’t find assets? Convinced that search isn’t working? Chances are your metadata isn’t being managed properly. 

Our team has years of experience in advertising production, so they understand the full life cycle of your assets. Down to the last detail. 

We know how an asset gets used and reused. It isn’t a static object, it evolves over time. So we take all its stages into account, from the initial idea to archiving.

Whether you want to involve us at the beginning, consulting on taxonomy schemas, or you want us to review how you’re doing with a best practice audit, we’ll help you make more of your materials.

After something specific? Let us help with:

  • Quality assurance
  • Metadata tagging and validation
  • Asset usage rights management
  • Asset categorisation for different channels or purposes
  • Migration services

We know what works because we’ve handled metadata processes for clients across a huge range of industries.

Read our case study from SABMiller for just one example.