Consultants might promise the world, but how many can actually deliver? Our services are unique because we can’t just walk away if things go wrong. We work with your librarians and change managers long-term to finish the job.

We’re responsible for your project. We’re often down on the ground implementing it alongside your teams. So we’re invested in giving you the best advice possible. 

We’ve provided marketing assets to global clients since 1988. We draw on that experience to help you achieve your goals. And because we have first-hand experience of the challenges you’ll come across, we know exactly what it takes to achieve long-term success. 

We’ll support you in a way that doesn’t favour any one technology solution. Real, honest advice can only come from an independent voice. So we’re not biased towards any solution except the best one for you. 

And we know that for any project to succeed, the needs of the business must line up with the reality for the users. Focusing too much on technology can reduce user adoption. But focusing too much on the users can mean a less-than-ideal implementation. 

Understanding the user is just as important as addressing technical needs. 

Our consulting services will inspire your users to be the best they can be. Our three core offers will meet all your needs, from strategy to change management:


You’ve set your strategy. Now you need to make it a reality. Our no-nonsense blue collar approach to MarTech implementation delivers high levels of user adoption.


We love getting stuck in. Starting a digital transformation project? We’re here to review solutions and develop resources, from business cases to gap analysis.


Maybe there’s something not quite right. Or maybe you just want peace of mind. We’ll work with you to identify areas to improve efficiency, user adoption or ROI.