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ICP Gives Back: 2021 Global Volunteer Day

On our first-ever Global Volunteer Day, employees around the globe gave their time to support our communities. Here's a recap of the impact our teams were able to make this year.


Mexico City, Mexico

In Mexico City, our team spent time with Ayuda y Solidaridad, an organization dedicated to providing resources for young girls and women at risk of homelessness. Our team was able to donate over 30kg of food, hygiene and cleaning supplies, along with clothes and toys.

Screen Shot 2021-12-17 at 4.53.31 PM


Atlanta, Georgia, United States

In Atlanta, a group served with Books for Africa, the largest shipper of donated text and library books to the African continent, helping to sort and pack thousands of books to be shipped and distributed to schools for early education all the way through to university and post-graduate studies.



Shanghai, China

In Shanghai, volunteers supported a neighborhood service center by answering queries through the telephone hotline about when and where residents can receive a 3rd vaccination shot, cleaning up public areas, collecting donations from residents for local charities, posting donation collection flyers at nearby apartment buildings, and helping to guarantee resident safety by checking fire escape routes. 



London, England

In London, teammates participated in a beautification project at Burgess Park, preparing meadowland to be a great environment for next year’s flora & fauna​, including many rare species able to thrive in a beautiful green space in the heart of London's urban environment.



Mumbai, India

In Mumbai, volunteers visited Cheshire Homes to spend time and offer support to terminally ill and disabled adults and children. They were also able to support the newly established tailoring unit which helps women in need. 

india 3



And even more remote ICP employees from Amsterdam to Austin and beyond supported Good Food Matters by developing pages for their printed magazines for disadvantaged children with the aim of providing fun and educational activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family.


We're so proud of our team for making such a powerful global and local impact!