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With the February overlap of Pride Month in the UK and Black History Month, we at ICP have been thinking about the notion of allyship: what does it mean to be an ally in 2022, and how can we be better allies in a remote work environment, and in a global company with hubs across 3 continents?

We believe ICP does its best, most inspired work when its teams are working in harmony, eliciting the very best from each of its members. That requires that each team member feels empowered and supported as they contribute their range of ideas, solutions, perspectives and lived experiences to our collective efforts. When our team members show up as their full selves, their collaborations yield the most inventive and creative solutions.

We do better work across the board if we gather as allies, interested in each other, supportive of each other and rooting for each other. In building a work culture that elevates the “ally” in all of us, we encourage our own people to grow as strategists, creatives, executives, account people, creative people and problem solvers.

Reflecting on allyship this month has shown us how important it is for us to have this conversation, and how crucial allyship is to ICP. Over the coming months, we’ll be sharing some learning and resources about allyship, we hope you’ll follow along!