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From DAM to Content Operations: Our Takeaways from Henry Stewart NY 2023

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Last week, ICP attended Henry Stewart's DAM NY, which was celebrating its 20th anniversary. With a rich agenda that covered everything from next-generation DAM and metadata to AI and workflow automation, the conference was packed with invaluable information and operational insights. We asked our team to share their most impactful takeaways. What follows is a collection of these reflections, aimed at giving you a snapshot of the current and future landscape of DAM.

Lisa Grimm

"We're moving away from foundational questions - 'what is DAM, and why do I need one?' - and into attacking more nuanced business problems: 'where does DAM fit in my growing content ecosystem?' or 'what is the system of record for this kind of asset or metadata?' This year's event was much more focused on holistic content orchestration and managing complexity, and it's great to see that growing maturity in the field."
- Lisa Grimm, Executive Consultant



Rachel Couvillon

"User adoption is a pervasive issue. It seems so many companies focus on how their users need to interact with the technology instead of how the technology can benefit their users. The great news is, it's never too late to course correct. Even for DAMs that have been in place for years."
- Rachel Couvillon, Principal Consultant, Strategy & Implementation 




Steve Bevilacqua

"The turn-out was amazing, it seemed to me like a record year in NY. The DAM community is really back in full force. The major topic seems to still be AI, but I noticed it is being discussed more calmly -- less panic about it replacing jobs, and more about using it as a tool and integrating it into the creative operations workflow."
- Steve Bevilacqua, Client Development Lead, Americas




Kristen Martini

"I heard a lot more talk around making the ecosystem work better, not just the DAM in isolation. There's an increased realization that integrations are key to maximizing the potential of the DAM itself."
- Kristen Martini, Global Head, Client Services




Deanna Davis

"Being in this space for so long, it is exciting to see how DAM conversations have evolved.  DAM is no longer being talked about as a static place to store and discover content.  It has evolved into THE backbone that fuels content across the content ecosystem and beyond."
Deanna Davis, Senior Client Partner 




Jeremy Bright

"Folks are recognizing, and focusing on, the necessary education of both their users and their business leaders on what DAM, as well as a highly interconnected ecosystem, brings to an organization. They're figuring out how to "sell the story" so that content platforms get the right team to build the right program to bring the right value."
- Jeremy Bright, Principal Consultant 




Kelly Pepper

"Even after 20 years of DAMNY, our field is growing and evolving. It’s the same thing that attracted me to DAM in the first place—the notion that we’re figuring it out together and are a part of this varied community of curious thinkers and experts. The world of DAM has continued to broaden (and deepen!) to not only encompass, but influence and drive content operations in new and exciting ways."
- Kelly Pepper, Global Head, Managed Content Services




DAM NY People Headshots (1)"DAM NY was back to full pre-pandemic energy with a great mix of brands, strategists and technology platforms.  The very definition of DAM keeps evolving in interesting and confusing ways, but one thing is crystal clear... CONTENT is still Queen and those who can create it, find it, move it, reuse it, optimize it and distribute it well are winning!"
- Jeremy Wintroub, EVP, Global Head of Production Strategy 




DAM NY People Headshots (2)

"Although DAM is still at the center, the entire Content Operations Ecosystem across People, Process and Technology is no longer aspirational, but a business imperative.  From up-stream content creation and project management tools, through distribution and syndication technology. A connected ecosystem to enable the frictionless flow of content is the new Northstar!"
- Christopher Grakal, CEO