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Leveraging your assets in times of uncertainty

Here at ICP we are all about great creative output being delivered efficiently. Efficiency is not only a financial metric, but it's also about creating the right attitude and culture in your business. With all work happening remotely and reduced creation of new assets, a simple and well organised approach to projects will go a long way. Our Incredibly Capable People can support you finding great ways to navigate through this ever-changing normal.

  1. Assess your existing assets: are they suitable for your new focus?

As production of new content is more difficult right now, it’s time to evaluate the content in your DAM (don’t’ have a DAM? Discover more here):

  • Can it work in the channels that you have identified as your priority?
  • Can it be reused as it is or re-purposed?
  1. Assess your creative content: is it suitable for the current climate?

Consider how your creative assets can be perceived by consumers: what was a great creative execution in January now might not resonate positively with your audience.

  • Does your brand really need a new creative platform?
  • Which of your existing assets still work?
  • What can be adapted in post-production?
  1. Evaluate your briefs: are they detailed and accurate?

When all your team and your partners are working remotely, clarity and focus will help achieving results in tight time frames.

  • Have you clearly defined your objectives?
  • Is your media space confirmed? What are your time frames?
  • Do you have usage rights in place? (download our white paper on Rights Management here)
  1. Control what you can: how are your brand and partners doing?

In an ever-changing normal, check in often with your creative partners championing transparency and opening conversations around wider topics that impact the business.

  • Do your partners understand your company’s current challenges (e.g. budget cuts, route to market, supply chain)? How can they help outside their traditional scope?
  • Are you aware of the challenges and changes that your extended team is facing? How can you help?
  1. Teamwork: how collaborative is your extended team? Foster collaboration between your creative partners to respond to tighter turnarounds and constant change.
  • Are you encouraging your partners to sync and discuss briefs to achieve objectives, efficiently and faster?
    Anna Fumagalli, Business Director

For anyone who would like to download the image file as a printable PDF, please click below.

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