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ICP predicting demise of disposable marketing content, offering alternative

12 January 2023

As content volume grows exponentially, driven by channel proliferation, personalisation, a focus on customer experience and digital commerce, ways of working have stayed unchanged with a fragmented workflow in which most players and agencies have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. ICP introduces Content for Life™ as an innovative solution for marketers.  

Content for Life™ helps brands plan a lifetime of value for every campaign and asset. ICP leverages brands’ existing libraries of assets stored in Digital Asset Management platforms to enable time and cost savings by planning out their future production, distribution and reuse leveraging all available technologies. 

ICP knows that marketers have invested time and funds in building an emotional connection between their content, their brands, and the customers - these images don't just remind them of the brand, they evoke feelings about the brand. The Content for Life™ approach considers this an investment in building a lifelong relationship, with content at the center of it.  

ICP has piloted this approach with a global consumer packaged goods leader whose eCommerce and Digital Brand Director said, “ICP is effective on strategically minded content development. This is a great combination for eComm. We were delighted with the quality of video content achieved working only from existing assets. This has saved on production and enable us to live test in market just 1 month after closing the first videos.” 

 “Our clients are now concluding they must adapt the models that underpin marketing operations to take advantage of technology, automation, and AI,” explains Christopher Grakal, ICP’s CEO. “Together, these offer the opportunity to deliver against the challenge that we’ve been hearing consistently; ‘10x more, 6x faster, same budget as last year’. You can’t achieve that by just pedaling faster. It needs a new paradigm. ICP’s team understands this and is well equipped to help global marketing organizations make that transition.” 



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