Henry Stewart DAM Europe

Thursday 27 June, 2024

ICP is delighted to return to DAM Europe 2024 on 27th-28th June 2024 at etc.venues, Bishopsgate in London. Join Tom Sloan, our Solution Architect & Global Solutions Lead at 12.00PM on June 28th as he moderates the panel discussion "Myth Busting: Automation and Generative AI for the Content Operations Ecosystem Today", featuring panellists Jennifer Gilligan, Head of Adobe Workfront & Lead Consultant at Comrwap Reply, Vreni Luck, Product Manager at Frontify and Thomas Stilling, Digital Product & Transformation Leader. 

Throughout the Marketing and Content Operations landscape there is an insatiable interest in doing more with less; turbocharged by the increasing accessibility of generative AI in all its various and exciting forms. Whether it’s a need to be more efficient in how we run and manage our data, content or technology processes, or perhaps an ever louder clamouring ‘from above’ to ‘do more AI’ …

This panel seeks to explore two different sides of the story and arm you with actionable understanding and awareness of what exactly you can confidently pursue already!

  • The real-world opportunities that these recent developments in AI and Automation present to Digital Asset Management and Content Operations practitioners today (and which concepts are perhaps a little further down the road)
  • Some of the challenges that the inevitable increase of intelligent automation and Generative AI may pose to critical day-to-day content operations, and how we can be prepared for them.

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