Please Note:  This event happened on Wednesday 13 October, 2021

GDS CMO America

Wednesday 13 October, 2021

ICP is delighted to take part in GDS CMO on October 13th-15th. Join Victor Lebon, our Chief of Innovation & Strategy Officer for a roundtable on The Future of Content - Providing Value through Authentic Content Marketing.

As customer journeys and mindsets are changing, the role of content marketing is becoming both more important and more complicated to deliver. People want content to have value and authenticity, which makes creating, repurposing, and adapting content for all audiences a challenge to operations and budgets. This roundtable will explore questions including:

  • What is the role of brands producing content in the context of today’s societal changes & their perceived responsibilities?
  • How can you efficiently deliver content that is authentic and speaks to different groups?
  • How can you leverage partnerships to deliver content?
  • How can the economics of content marketing work in your favour to deliver ROI?

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