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Please Note:  This event happened on Tuesday 5 April, 2022

GDS North America CMO Digital Summit

Tuesday 5 April, 2022

ICP is delighted to take part in GDS CMO US on April 5th-7th. Join Victor Lebon, our Chief of Innovation & Strategy Officer for a keynote session on the theme “A picture lasts forever: Unlocking the long term value (LTV) of your marketing assets”.

What happens when we treat our marketing assets as true investments, with lifetime value and ROI?
This is, after all, the brand art that presents us to the world. We dream it up, create it, put it everywhere all at once, and then...on to the next campaign? Have we planned to get the most out of our content, as growth engines, relationship builders and brand drivers? Have we really unlocked its long-term power? In this session, we’ll look at how martech is helping brands plan for campaign assets with future value creation in mind. We’ll talk about new levels of partnership between marketers and colleagues in operations, tech and data. It’s for everyone charged with growth: whether opening up new markets, expanding onto new platforms or galvanizing brand advocates.

The discussion will address:

  • The LTV of campaign assets that make big bets easier, faster, less risky and more effective
  • Asset management systems that can become engines of inspiration, collaboration and planning
  • Case studies where existing assets have been “rediscovered” and re-purposed to breathe new life into new campaigns on new platforms
  • How management can build cultures where marketing assets are regularly and enthusiastically planned with purpose and intentionality.

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