Please Note:  This event happened on Tuesday 5 October, 2021

Henry Stewart Festival of Creative Operations 2021

Tuesday 5 October, 2021

Join us for the Creative Operations Festival of the year, to learn, celebrate and connect with 300+ members of your global community. 

Suitable for Creative Operations professionals of all maturities. You’ll hear keynotes from world-leading experts, participate in diverse panel discussions and exciting networking opportunities! 

Hot House, In-House or No House? 

Our panel is on October 5th at 2:45 PM EDT and will be moderated by James Sanderson. 

James Sanderson leads ICP’s Creative Operations and Creative Production capabilities. He joined ICP from Wunderman Thompson where he founded and was global head of Wunderman Thompson Inside, WPP in-housing solution. Previously James was COO of Oliver, President of Digitas UK and COO of digital agency Glue Isobar. 

We'll be talking with our guest panelists about the reinvention of creative operations: one of very few benefits bestowed by the past 12 months is that we now are all able to break free of traditional ways of working,  whether it’s where we work (geography, home vs. office, agency vs. inhouse)  or how we work (contract vs. no contract, freelance vs. employee, long vs. short term). 

We have the expanded opportunity to access different combinations of resources from the worldwide economy to create virtual global teams. We can be super-efficient using the best people, tools and methods, unrestrained by offices and vendors. 'Distributed' expertise can unlock the contributions of new talent, additional resources and greater efficiency. This is the new frontier.

But, perhaps it’s not that simple? The panel will discuss - and answer your questions.


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