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Henry Stewart Festival of DAM 2021

Wednesday 1 September, 2021

Join us for the largest DAM Festival of the year, to learn, celebrate and connect with 1000+ members of the global Digital Asset Management community in our second Festival of DAM. 

You will hear LIVE keynotes, panels and case studies from world-leading organizations facing the challenge of managing their digital media assets; you will have the opportunity to join virtual roundtable discussions and share your experiences with fellow DAM festival-goers; and you will leave the event with more knowledge of how Digital Asset Management technology and workflows can help to elevate your brand.

ICP will be moderating a panel:

DAM, please meet Commerce; Commerce, please meet DAM.  You two need to get to know each other better 

DAM is now safely embedded as the single source of truth for visual marketing materials in most companies and organisations.

With the shift to digital, direct-to-consumer (DTC) selling, Ecommerce in all its forms, as well as more integrated marketing management of traditional retail channels, DAM now finds itself as the bridge between the two worlds of content and commerce.

This panel will highlight the increasingly complicated and fluid nature of customer journeys. The discussion will focus on key components and will:

  • Tackle the importance of providing the customer with the right information, served in the right way, to facilitate the purchase transaction
  • Discuss a unified content and commerce plan to achieve better marketing outcomes
  • Highlight what best practice might look like
  • Help to identify and plan your next steps to bring DAM and commerce several steps closer to each other



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