Please Note:  This event happened on Thursday 15 September, 2022

Henry Stewart DAM NY 2022

Thursday 15 September, 2022

ICP will be attending this year's Henry Stewart DAM New York event on September 15th-16th. 

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We'll be hosting a panel on the theme "When DAM met PIM: is it a lasting relationship?", moderated by Michael Weeman. Joining the panel will be Carol Freed, DAM Manager and Product Information Management lead at L’Oréal, Jake Athey, VP, Marketing and Sales at Widen, Tobias Moser, Head of Sharedien and David Koch, Global Product Manager, Digital Asset Management at Mars.

When challenged with tagging their content and assets with the correct product information, many organisations discovered the power of bringing their Product Information Management (PIM) data into their DAM system. Some say that when DAM met PIM, a power couple was born.

DAM has all the glossy photos, beauty shots, short videos, and content collateral that introduces shiny new products. PIM has the substance with product names and all its attributes from dimensions to shelf life to ingredients or compounds.  Together, they can quickly deliver digital shelves, newsletters, product campaigns, and social media updates with trusted and accurate information.

Conversely, some risks include overwhelming your system with data that a typical digital asset doesn’t need and forcing data management into a system that was never meant to handle complex product hierarchies.

In this panel, we’ll explore the pitfalls and potential of approaching Product Information and associating it with content and asset metadata in a DAM system. Topics to be explored include:

  • When does PIM start to crowd the DAM with too much information?
  • Who manages the PIM within a DAM?
  • PIM is usually managed in large fortressed repositories that are used for financial reporting. How do you integrate and synchronize Product information?
  • Where does Master Data fit into DAM & PIM
  • Is PIM a data asset?

Full details on registration here, for a $100 discount use code: ICP100

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