OmnichannelX Podcast: ContentOps and sustainability: Good for omnichannel and the planet with Rahel Anne Bailie

In this podcast from OmnichannelX, Noz Urbina and ICP's Executive Consultant Rahel Bailie delve into the critical role of digital professionals in the quest for carbon neutrality.

Greenwashing is out. Net zero is in. Brands are being called upon to show their carbon footprint reduction and report their progress to investors, clients, and the public. With technology usage generating a heavier carbon footprint than the airline industry, brands can no longer claim that “going digital” is helping to save the planet.

As professionals in the digital space, the time has come to contribute to the organisational strategies that include sustainability for content assets. From how we create, produce, and deliver content and how we store and search that content, to how we design the user experiences, can make a contribution to those initiatives. Rahel Bailie runs through a baker’s dozen ways to look at in the quest to become carbon neutral – for the good of the company as well as the good of the planet.

What you will learn:

  • How to find carbon reduction areas in the content lifecycle
  • Easy ways to gain efficiencies while reducing the carbon footprint
  • Ideas for getting closer to net zero while improving the user experience.