Captain Morgan

Pre-Production & Shoot Consultancy


ICP was asked by the Captain Morgan Global Brand Team to think of the best way to shoot their new TV advert that would save time and money.

Roles and Responsibilities

ICP attended the pre-production meetings, the shoot and the post-production meetings in order to fulfill an urgent media plan.

By providing our expertise and giving the client the best options, we then worked on all post-production which comprised the addition of labels onto bottles, creating multiple cut-downs, DOOH and social assets.

We advised shooting the new limited edition bottles without labels in order to save money on adaptation. If the labels were shot live it would be a much bigger job in post-production to remove and change to different language variants. The end result allowed us to use the multiple bottle variants across all mediums.

Services Delivered

By attending the shoot ICP was able to save a huge amount of post production time which ultimately led to large cost savings.

This is reflected in the client quote, “It was really helpful having ICP on the shoot for the Limited Edition Bottles to ensure that we had everything in order to quicken up the editing process after the shoot. ICP was on hand to input for all shots and were extremely useful in ensuring that we were thinking of all necessities including shooting with enough space for the end frame.”

Campaign Work

Here are three examples of how ICP adapted the TVC created. We took a blank edit (no labels on bottles) and added the different label names depending on Market stock and language.





Client came to ICP with a request to create new animated DOOH assets for the Personalization campaign as they were not happy with the creative developed by the agency. In the end it went live with ICP’s creative on all dynamic full-motion sites.

Creative Proposed By Agency

ICP’s Creative

We fulfilled a social calendar that focused on events such as Eurovision, Bank Holidays and festivals

Creative Carousel

Creative Carousel

Facebook Eurovision Post

Facebook Eurovision Post

Facebook World Cup post

Facebook World Cup post

These assets were supplied without names on the bottles i.e. Captain Karaoke. ICP added these during the adaptation process

For the social videos supplied to ICP, client wanted a different end frame which included more branding and emphasis on the limited edition bottles.

Original End Frame

ICP Adapt