3D Product Modelling & Rendering


Our clients are looking to improve product and packaging imagery to a high quality, at scale and at the lowest cost possible. By creating photorealistic Computer Generated assets in our studio, clients can access these benefits without repeated costly photoshoots.

The ability to record the detail of glass bottle packaging (as an example) to such a high quality can also help assure a brand’s ability to identify counterfeit packaging.

With fast-paced, ever-changing media and consistency needed across the globe, the versatility of the scanned objects rendered with the various country, language and brand-specific imagery, labels, sleeves and print is a perfect solution.

What can we do?

This can be a one-off assignment to meet a particular need or it can be a program over time to cycle through your library of products and packaging. Our in-house CG team creates assets from scratch and these can be composited, for example, in a TVC or rendered for E-Commerce GS1 standard layout. With a host of techniques and technology at our disposal, from 3D scanning and photogrammetry to digital painting and compositing, we offer both hand-crafted solutions and automated workflows.

This builds upon traditional methods that involve technical drawings and artwork files to create high resolution digital renders at an unprecedented level of structural fidelity, visual detail and accuracy.

A single asset is able to be repurposed at low cost in a wide variety of situations from full photorealistic product renders to small label replacements on existing TVCs, OOH and digital web banners. From the single CG asset we have the ability to use it across all platforms including social media and E-Commerce.


Future proof, consistent format, always available, low cost, high levels of governance for all media uses:

– Above-the-line

– Below-the-line

– E-Commerce

– Social media


Smirnoff | 3D Bottle Life Cycle

Smirnoff | Multiple Angles for E-Commerce


Smirnoff | 3D Bottle Life Cycle