Ketel One Botanical

Ketel One Botanical: 3D Label Replacement


Ketel One looked to ICP to localize their current US masters for the European market. This included an edit change to remove the free pour scene, bottle artwork change, sourcing new music and sourcing and recording a European VO talent and negotiating usage costs.

Roles and Responsibilities

ICP created a new 15” and 2 x 7” master for the European markets.

We changed the label artwork on the three bottles in 3D to make it realistic and match the grade on the US masters.

On the 15” we adapted the edit to remove a free pour scene so that there would be no issues with European clearance bodies.

We sourced new music to be used on the three edits and also recorded a new VO and organized usage costs.

Services Delivered

15” and 2 x 7” European masters ready for local markets to use.

Campaign Work

US Master vs New European Master

US Master
European Master