Rights Management

The Five Elements of An Effective Strategy

We all want our rights management processes to be as slick and user-friendly as possible, but not at the expense of ensuring that we’re operating in a fully compliant and well-governed manner. To be truly effective with our rights management, we need to make sure that two core principles balance properly:

Optimisation – The act of making something as perfect and effective as possible.

Governance – The act of controlling behaviour.

Together, they form the yin and the yang of effective rights management. In this paper, we’ll be walking through some ideas on how we can prevent these objectives from clashing, and instead make them work to complement each other.


The E-Book on E-Commerce Content 

Shopping has changed a lot since the rise of the web. Although the vast majority of purchases remain offline and in-store, digitising “the shelf” will soon be an important source of competitive advantage.

This E-Book focuses on all things E-Commerce Content as we take you through a journey of understanding consumer shopping behaviour, why brands should invest in Digital Shelf, how to maximise product search viability, how to design product visual content and building a product content ecosystem including the tips and tricks to make brands stand out in an effective and efficient manner and take shopping experiences to another level.


From Hype to Hope: ChatBots & Virtual Assistants for Improved DAM Engagement

It’s the year of the ChatBot…again and to date, they’ve been key for brand owners to engage with their customer base as an always-on service option. This whitepaper focuses on how in a DAM B2B environment, such automation techniques can elevate your first-line support to develop high levels of engagement.

Download this whitepaper today and find out how ChatBots can play a pivotal role in the DAM enterprise environment. 


Digital Asset Management – Auto-tagging technology: Can machine learning replace humans?

The labour required to maintain high-quality digital asset metadata across all channels and tech solutions — from traditional document management to the more modern digital asset management solutions and marketing technology platforms — can often seem sisyphean: such that it can never be completed.

This whitepaper by Digital Asset Management expert, Theresa Regli, explores the opportunity of machine learning auto-tagging in the context of DAM technology and reports on ICP’s testing of various platform.


Digital Transformation for Marketers: Turning strategy into a “People First” plan

Digital Transformation has the power to transform business success. As a marketer the conversation often pivots to an individual consumer level, how we could realise DT’s full potential and not lag behind competitors.

This whitepaper focuses on a more sustained and people-centric approach, focusing on the role of the marketer and partners.