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Within the dynamic world of creative operations, one trend stands above all others.  Companies are  switching  from the default setting of using external agencies to a purposeful consideration of which services will be best managed inhouse, and which externally.

David Wethey and ICP are hosting a unique six part course in collaboration with Henry Stewart Events to help you navigate the choices, decide what is best for your organization and get you started on the journey.  In addition, we can help you improve your existing set-up to take advantage of best practice.  The course starts on October 27th 2020 and runs over six sessions, finishing mid December.  

Take a look at  this selection of blogs and videos.  We are adding to this on a weekly basis, so please check back.😊

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Why you should join the course

shutterstock_347647109-housesDavid Wethey describes the background to the rise of inhousing and explains why now is the time to start the ball rolling if you’ve not already done so, and to consider whether your inhousing set up can be improved in the light of industry best practice. 

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Why now is the right time

In-house & agency - bringing these concepts together - football tableDavid Howlett explains why the words inhouse and agency need to be understood better so you can be purposeful about setting up your refreshed marketing and creative operations environment


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landing page image - 500x281-star trek inhousing blog

David Wethey explains why costs savings and efficiency improvements are still a very valid reason for considering inhouse capabilities


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landing page image - 500x281-A chance to discover your inner J Walter Thompson

David Wethey describes the upsides of creating your own inhouse agency, and how fulfilling that can be for your brand, and for you


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IHAs: Does it matter where an agency is_chair and laptop in a field of hayDavid Wethey thinks about how the current working environment is adding further weight to the advantages of inhouse set-ups, away from the bright lights of downtown.


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IHAs: is it the job of the agencies to tell us what to do? guy with a megaphoneDavid Wethey discusses whether it is the job of agencies to tell us what to do, and comes down on the side of setting up well balanced relationships.


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IHAs: It's not just about money and speed - money flying with woman, relaxing and sitting on a chairDavid Wethey explains it's not just about money and speed, when it comes to IHAs.


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What you will learn

Creative Ops - The Secrets Behind Successful In-House Agencies - Part01 v2
A short 3 minute video to introduce the course.

Creative Ops - The Secrets Behind Successful In-House Agencies - Part02 v2

A follow up 5 minute video going through the sessions one by one to share the deliverables to all course attendees.




Background on growth of IHAs

The Explosive Growth of In-House Agencies_ Analysis and Predictions (1)

Webinar from May 2020 explaining the reasons why IHAs are becoming the new default.

In this new presentation (57 minutes), he builds on recent research and his well-received Henry Stewart London talk from March 2020, to share some clear thoughts about the future direction of creative operations, taking into account the Covid-19 situation.



Course Tutor

David WetheyDavid Wethey is a best-selling business author, who has devised three breakthrough management systems: Smart Decision Making (DECIDE 2012), Mote The Super Meeting (MOTE 2015), and Idea Economics (THE VERY IDEA 2018). In a long career in advertising he managed five ad agencies on three continents, and facilitated scores of pitches around the world for some of the world’s biggest brand owners, involving nearly all of the best agencies.

David is now Associate Consultant with ICP focusing on best practice across In House Agency set ups.

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David will be supported by a number of ICP and external guest contributors. This includes Emma Sexton (founder & CEO, MYWW and Inside Out Creative Awards), James Sanderson (Global Marketing and Creative Operations expert, Ex COO, Oliver and MD, Wunderman Thompson), ICP CEOs,  Christopher Grakal and Victor Lebon and ICP subject matter experts including Rachel Couvillon, Jing Wang, Courtney Adams, Ellliott Brown and Martin Handyside.